The Review You Do When You’re Not Reviewing…

Yes, I know, I haven’t given a proper review in ages.

Yesterday, I read something between a short story and a novella that annoyed me so much I gave it one whole star on Goodreads. It was a sort of fluffy-romance thing, which isn’t my usual genre, but I thought I’d give it a go.

To spoil things, the whole story was “Is this new lover of Hard-Working Single Mum a psycho or not? No? Great, they’re getting married.”

She had known him for less than a week.


I was looking for the hidden catch at the end, mentally screaming “BUT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM! Why am I the only person who thinks marrying him is a horrible idea?!”

There was clearly something – a big something – I was missing. Not sure if it’s exemplary of the genre and I just don’t get that kind of romance (which is entirely my own issue) or whether it was truly a WTF ending. All I could think was that the so-called heroine was hopelessly naïve and unflatteringly desperate.


4 thoughts on “The Review You Do When You’re Not Reviewing…

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