Most Overrated Books (in My World)


The Lovely BonesWhen there is too much of a buzz around a book, I tend to wait for a few years before reading it (I will probably read 50 Shades of Grey when I am a grandmother, at this rate).  I did that with Harry Potter, ‘Life of Pi’ and I am still waiting to read Hilary Mantel’s latest two.  Because, with all due respect to reviewers, online chat forums and book clubs, no one can read a book for you.  Tastes are so different, that only you can make up your own mind! (Thank goodness.)

I finally read Alice Sebold’s ‘The Lovely Bones’ yesterday and was intrigued for the first 50 pages or so, then a bit bored, then finally frustrated.  It’s an interesting premise (the omniscient narrator from heaven) and the adolescent voice is charming, but after a while the archness and sentimentality begin to jar.  It just goes on…

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5 thoughts on “Most Overrated Books (in My World)

  1. Biggest reading shock ever – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. The book that gave us Bladerunner, the writer that gave us Total Recall, Minority Report, The Adjustment Bureau and so on and so on.

    Oh. My. God.

    I had honestly never read anything so badly written in my entire existence. Pages and pages of indecipherable rubbish.

    Next in line, Brave New World. I simply cannot get over how this book can possibly be talked about in the same breath as 1984, a book written by one of the best writers ever in the English language. Utter drivel.

    Thank goodness I came across War of the Worlds or I might thought the whole of the sci fi genre was as bad!

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