Quick Update

The good news is – I am still alive. The bad news is that I haven’t got a review written yet 🙂

I’ve been reading outside of my blog interests, just for fun; two books you absolutely must read are Tana French’s The Secret Place and Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See.

French is a genius at characterisation. I have a massive girlcrush on her female detective, Antoinette Conway (and I’m otherwise straight!) Finally, finally, a female character who less kicks against male characters as much as gives exactly no fucks what they think of her in the first place. French’s dialogue is easily some of the best I’ve ever read – she absolutely nails how teenage girls talk, complete with the upward inflection on phrases that aren’t actually questions, and overuse of words like “literally.”

A friend recommended French’s work to me ages ago, but it was only recently that opportunity struck. I now want to read ALL THE TANA FRENCH BOOKS.

All the Light We Cannot See is one I picked up from the library on a whim because it won a Pulitzer and I’m a name-dropper like that. I was expecting something set in Occupied France to be unbearably depressing, but I was inspired. Doerr is, essentially, a poet. His prose is eye-wateringly beautiful. So much so that I at one point threw the book at the wall (try doing that on a Kindle!) because how can I ever presume to write when that man is churning out such perfection? I’m embarrassed to even be in the same business.

I’ve seen a few criticisms of All the Light We Cannot See, snobbishly dismissing it as “genre fiction”. I’m not precisely down with all the literary definitions being thrown around these days so I’m not sure what’s meant by “genre fiction”, but if it IS genre fiction that can hardly be a bad thing.

Oh, yes, and I’ve been reading some real literary junk food recently too – a lot of True Crime and ghost stories. My Goodreads followers must think I’m a psychopath.

Actual reviews are forthcoming. I promise 🙂


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