Burnt-Out Ends of Smoky Days

It’s possible that it’s actually, really happened – I am currently burned out on reading.

In my defence, I’ve been ill this last week (I will be interested to see how bad my sinuses look when my CT scans come back) and I’ve so far read 105 books this year alone. And I haven’t stopped reading, per se – I’m just taking a short break from reading books that I’m intending to review and focusing on “reading for pleasure” – a phrase that sounds downright weird because if a book’s a chore, I won’t read it anyway. I’ve been reading some True Crime junk food and I’ve just started on Stephen King’s Revival. I already want to marry the book and then savagely throw it out a window.

So I may not have any more reviews for a week or two, is what I’m saying.

That said, I’m still gathering my thoughts on seeing The Water Diviner with my parents last night – a good film with a ridiculously trite and rushed ending, but more’s the point, one that really made me realise that art can and does change people.

More thoughts on that at a later date 🙂


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