Critical Response Process

Some very interesting thoughts on meaningful critique that builds up, rather than damages, creative types 🙂

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Liz Lerman. Photo by Lise Metzger Liz Lerman. Photo by Lise Metzger

I’m hopeful that a new generation of writing workshops will offer the kind of meaningful and useful feedback that’s possible with Critical Response Process, the kind of feedback that fosters creativity and the desire to resume work, and not the kind that is so demoralizing the writer gives up in despair.

Critical Response Process is a dynamic method for both giving and receiving feedback on creative endeavors. Initially developed within the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, CRP is a process that can provide “useful feedback on anything you make, from dance to dessert.”

Last week it was my great good fortune to attend a two-day workshop in Critical Response Process with Liz Lerman, at Marlboro College.

I was there to learn the process, so I can use it in the Narrative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop I’m scheduled to lead at the Marlboro Graduate…

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One thought on “Critical Response Process

  1. I have to say that I’m rather sceptical about courses and workshops, other than those I’m already involved with (e.g. the writers group workshops that I go to every month, where I know everybody, everybody knows me, and the only cost is the 10 (ten) GB pounds annual membership + fuel to get there). In my experience of such things (not just in the literary sphere, but in other walks of life) I’ve found that a fair number are purely money-making opportunities for the organisers, either through the workshop/course itself, or though the selling opportunities such things can lead to.

    I won’t do a disservice to Lise Metzger, whom I don’t know, by saying this is not genuine but I do say, to all who consider participating/attending: caveat emptor.


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