Did not finish.

I won’t ditch a book that confuses “your” and “you’re”, but I think much of this is on point.

Life and loves from, Me.

Life is too short for bad books.
I read because I enjoy it and if I am not enjoying a book for whatever reason -and there  are a few possible reasons available, I am more than happy to add that book to the Did Not Finish pile and move on. There are so many good books out there waiting for me to read them, my to be read pile is miles high and never seems to decrease, so why would I, or should I, waste time reading a book that I am not enjoying?
Yet, despite the sensibleness of the above paragraph, every time I have a book in my hands which I am considering giving up on, I end up having an internal battle with myself because, it might just get better. And it might, I have read books which started off awfully but slowly improved and became a…

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4 thoughts on “Did not finish.

  1. I don’t know . . . seems a little fussy to me, although I agree about not finishing bad books. On the other hand, I can tell by reading two pages for free on Amazon if the writing style/grammar is going to be a deal killer. You don’t like to read about adulterers? Hmm. That takes out lots of classic novels as well as much modern fiction. I don’t like lying, killing and pet stranglers, but I won’t put down a book if they contain such episodes. Plus this blogger’s punctuation is pretty sloppy. Wasn’t there a saying about not throwing stones if you live in a glass house? Or maybe that’s another subject that’s verboten.

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    • To me, it’s all about how it’s dealt with, so I couldn’t offhand say, “This issue alone is a dealbreaker” (though I could almost say that about stillbirth and infant death, two big NOPES in my reading tastes.) I don’t like adultery dressed up as romance nor rape dressed up as “bodice-ripping”, but I couldn’t say I would avoid all these books on that alone. It just means it has to be done extra well :p (I tend to avoid the romance genre as a whole, anyway.)

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  2. Being neither a blogger nor a reviewer – nor, as a rule, a reader of blogs – my reading is almost entirely in the genres that I enjoy. That said, there are instances of books I’ve picked up that left me wondering if the author had any idea about grimmer and spolling. But, as in the original article, I usually read to the bitter end because (a) my own spolling is no great shakes and (b) there might be a nugget or a gem waiting to be mined before we reach the ‘also by’ page. 🙂

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