Readathon Masterpost

Rather than spamming the daylights out of people with update after update, I’ll just keep updating this post – keep checking over the next few hours if you’re interested in what I’m reading.

First up, some booky junk-food: “10 Cryptids That Might Really Exist.”

10 minutes to go!


Update, 12:12am: Entertaining fluff! Now reading: “Hunted Down: the Detective Stories of Charles Dickens”.

Update, 12:57am: Bloody hell, Dickens. Now reading “A Wireless Message”, by Ambrose Bierce…

Update, 1:09am: Quick and creepy. If you see a pattern here, yes, I’m concentrating on ghost stories and Victorian/Edwardian mysteries :p Next up: The Listener, by Algernon Blackwood.

Update, 9:58am: The Listener was a great story with a sort of lame ending. I then read EG Swain’s “Bone to his Bone”, Charles A Leale’s “Lincoln’s Last Hours”, “On the Brighton Road”, by Richard Middleton, and passed out about 3:30am. I’m back and reading “On Murder, Considered As One Of the Fine Arts”, by Thomas de Quincey.

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