If you missed my first load of thoughts on the value of “Elite Groups” online with endless rules, it’s here.

Moving on to more WTFery from the Code of Conduct of Rave Reviews Book Club, I present the next exhibit:

If you would like to promote your blog or website using the #RaveReviewsBookClub and/or#RRBC hashtags, you must submit your blog URL to RaveReviewsSecretary@gmail.com so that we may vet and ensure that its contents are in line with our beliefs and processes, and so that we may ensure there is no content or material which our members might find offensive.  

Please be aware that your blog and/or website may not have any type of invitation to join any club or organization, “especially” those that are clearly operating the same as Rave Reviews Book Club, it cannot be promoting any author or other non-member of RRBC, and the content must be solely promoting books and the writing process.  We will have weekly checks of the blogs on our “cleared”  list to ensure that they are remaining in compliance with this rule.
Once your blog and/or website has been vetted by our vetting TEAM, you will receive notice via email that you are cleared to use the club’s hashtags.
I don’t think these people are aware that you can’t “own” a hashtag. They get taken over all the time (usually to the amusement of bystanders watching it all go south.) Now, if they have a list of blogs they promote on their website, they can put any stipulations on that they like. And it just plain makes sense that these blogs are checked so that they don’t accidentally end up looking like they advocate Stormfront or something. But “you may not promote [mention or discuss] anyone we don’t like or blog about anything we don’t approve of”? Yeah, I’ll pass, thank you.
REVIEW SWAPPING is “strongly” discouraged here at Rave Reviews Book Club and against our policy.  You may not approach a member and ask if they would like to engage in a review “swap.”  Review swapping also comes in the form of a member deciding to review another member’s book solely based on the fact that their book was reviewed and given a high mark by said member.  If it is brought to our attention that you are engaging or operating in this manner, your membership may be revoked by the club.
So.. wait. Is it “strongly” discouraged (I am leery of being reviewed by anyone who does not know how to use inverted commas correctly) or actually banned? This rule isn’t even clear. And it also, as many above it, seeks to dictate what a member does in their own free time. You can’t read or write about anything that isn’t on The Approved List! Ever! Or we kick you out!

If any member is aware of any other member in violation of either of these CODES OF CONDUCT, please immediately report the violation via our CONTACT US form.  Your identity will remain anonymous.  We will only act on reported matters that we are able to verify.

Translation: please tattle. I hate to invoke Godwin’s law, but…

{It is an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to be a member of Rave Reviews Book Club and we expect that each and every one of our members,  respect that honor and privilege which they have been granted.  Rave Reviews Book Club is not some mom & pop organization.  It is obvious in the success our supportive members have garnered since they have joined us,  that we are now a force to be reckoned with in the writing and publishing industry and that ANYONE aligned with us and following our guidelines are sure to be PROPELLED via book sales, book reviews and name recognition!}

And here we have the explanation as to why so many people (there are a ton of members on their site!) stick around despite such an oppressive Code of Conduct: they are convinced that they have been looked upon with favour and elevated to the Cool Kids Club.

How did I even find this treasure? Because someone I was following posted a tweet publicly scolding people for review swapping. Why did I see it? Beats me. That sort of thing belongs in a private message or an email. Public upbraiding isn’t a very effective form of punishment.

As for my own blog, I now have 23 followers and you are all frigging fantastic. Thank you. Thank you even if you don’t follow, but you’ve come here and read my pissed-off rant. Because I wrote from my steamed-up heart just now, and I was able to do that without censure. Do I want *more* followers? Sure. That’d be lovely. But I’m not going to attach myself to an organisation like that simply for a bit more exposure. Blagh.

(Shut up, spellcheck. “Blagh” is a perfectly cromulent word :p)


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